Table of Contents

Front Cover by @morcoizado
What Do You See? by @allhartart
Ornamento Doméstico by @owenceslau
Yo! by
Flowers by Cynthia Zarin
Desperately Seeking Duplo by
Doll on a Wall by @allhartart
Maria by @arkansasgreasefire
Your Dior, My Dior by @allhartart
Mending: It’s More Than Just Socks by
Sound the Drum by @seam_line_atelier
Much Loved by Mark Nixon
Fried Eggs by
Zoom Towns by @marymargaretalvarado
By The Shores of Silver Lake by @mandy_cano_villalobos
Enter the Witch by Caro Cooper
Witches Brewing by @juliskajuliska
I Think It’s Okay to Say by
Acho Que É Ok, translation by Bruno Lopes
A Long Way from Bread by David Scott
Vessel by @cuxo_oils
Old Dogs by @arkansasgreasefire
Grapes of Wrath excerpt
Margaret Oglivy excerpt
The Beautiful Years excerpt
How Green Was My Valley
Ask Inês
Back Cover by @phoebenewyork