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LOONBEEK's sister project Feel Better Books announces its newest title, “The Naughty Non-Binary ABCs” by Alex Hart and Ari Silver. Read an excerpt at Also check Alex’s poem, read aloud at the book launch, “An Invitation to Be Naughty,” in English and Portuguese.


Get “Mercedes,” by Alex Hart at, at the Feel Better Books headquarters at Rua do Almada, 517, or at Poetria, Rua de Sá de Noronha, 115.

Porto resident and former New York Times writer Alex Hart wrote “Mercedes,” her debut middle-reader novel, as a love letter to all the nonconforming, misunderstood, unapologetic preteens out there.

Read an excerpt and interviews with the author and illustrator at

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Come visit us at our new headquarters: Rua do Almada 517, Porto — at the top of the hill, just steps from the Praça da República. This summer, doors are open by appointment or serendipity.

What will you find in our lovely showroom? Of course, Issue One of our arts, culture & protest magazine LOONBEEK. But also our blossoming catalog of Feel Better Books, ranging from art-filled poetry volumes to children's picture books.

Come listen to DJ JustForUs playlists and wander our growing stacks, which also feature our Loonbeek List of our favorite English-language, secondhand, must-read gems.

Issue One of LOONBEEK!

Fresh copies of our words + pictures book-a-zine available in PORTO at

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Ever hear of the Loonbeek List? If you haven't, you will! It's our extremely selective and diverse list of books that we believe are home runs. Money in the bank. Fiction, nonfiction, early readers, new, old, forgotten. I laughed, I cried ... I learned. Definitely eclectic. Definitely worth the trip. If you take one of our picks to heart, then come back for more! Our list is dynamic, with new titles arriving and old ones just sold to that literature-hungry customer visiting from San Francisco.

About Us

Alex Hart is a self-taught multicreative, learning (and un-learning) as she goes. If it's something that uses her hands — writing, cutting & pasting, puppeting, treasure-hunting ... arranging flowers, massaging, baking, hair-cutting, yo-yo'ing, high-fiving — she's there and up to her elbows in concentrated work. Or should we call it play? Motto: Where possible, unplug the “dumb” brain.
Also: Trust, and go on hoping (Edward Lear).
Some of her personal gurus: Beatrix Potter, Alexander Calder, Alice Neel, Maurice Sendak, Amy Sedaris, Joseph Cornell, Ray Johnson, Pee Wee Herman, Reggie Watts............!!!
Jon Lackman is a rock-climbing coach and writer. He’s covered politics, science, and the arts for Harper's, The New Yorker, Slate, and Wired. He completed a PhD in art history from NYU and a fellowship at the MacDowell Colony. He's represented by Mary Krienke of Sterling Lord Literistic; contact her to publish his and Zack Pinson’s nonfiction graphic novel Maria, about the mind-boggling artist’s model / con artist Maria Lani!